The section closure in the Lech Valley is specified for motorcycles with a registered standing noise of more than 95 dB (A). You can find your standing noise in your vehicle registration document under point U.1.

If your value there is higher, you may not drive on these routes. If the value is exactly 95 dB (A) or less, you can still drive freely on these routes.

The parking noise entered in your vehicle registration is therefore relevant. If you have installed a permitted, EC-approved exhaust system (e.g. from SHARK, HURRIC or FALCON) and this is in a proper condition, you can of course continue to drive on these roads, provided that your registered noise in the vehicle registration certificate does not exceed the limit of 95 dB (A).

Stand 08.06.2020

You can find more information on the closure of the route and a map of where the driving bans apply, under the following link:

Please note that our article is a pure information article and is not a legally binding information. Furthermore, changes to the driving bans can be made by the state of Tirol at any time. Therefore always pay attention to the following links: