We regret that you have received no or the wrong Service Card with your delivery.

You can download and print out your Service Card easily and free of charge in the download area under "Service Card/EC Type Approval". Alternatively, you can also download the Service Card as a PDF on the product detail page in the online shop under "approval document" for free download. Please enter your vehicle in the quick search and select the relevant item. Go to Online Shop

Please note that only the current service card can be found in the download area and on the product site. It is therefore possible that the number on your silencer is different, since there have been changes in the meantime. Your e-number is still valid and has inventory protection. You can find your service card in our archive for download.

Please note that the e-number on your rear silencer is the only legal proof. Our Service Card is not an official document and does not have to be carried. More about the EG-BE and our Service Card here.

If you still want the service card in laminated credit card format, please proceed as follows:

Case 1) You bought your exhaust system from FECHTER DRIVE

Please send us this information by email to technik@fechter.de:

  • Your customer number
  • your invoice number
  • item number
  • e number on the rear silencer
  • e-number on the delivered service card (if delivered incorrectly)

We will send you the Service Card immediately.

Case 2) You bought your exhaust system from one of our dealers

In this case, you must complain to your retailer about the absence or delivery of the wrong Service Card. Please send him the information mentioned in case 1). Unfortunately, we cannot deal with your request directly in this case.