In our fitting instructions, we expressly point out that the screws of the dB-killer must be retightened before and after the first journey and after 1,000 km. If this is adhered to, loss of dB-killers is in principle not possible. A common cause for the loss of dB-killers is that they have been removed for a sound test and are no longer installed correctly. It is very often forgotten to put the spring washer back under the screw. As a result, the screw is not sufficiently secured against vibrations and can come loose.

The original built-in dB-killers can be found as spare parts in the online shop. Please enter your vehicle in the quick search and select the corresponding article. The available spare parts are displayed under "Spare parts". You can add these to your shopping cart and order them online. Go to Online shop

If you are not sure whether the correct dB-killer is involved, please send us this information / files by email to

  • Image of the exhaust system and the rear silencer outlet (total size: max.20MB)
  • Exact inner diameter of the rear silencer outlet (corresponds to the point at which the dB-killer head is screwed on)
  • Your billing and delivery address
  • Payment method: PayPal or prepayment (bank transfer)

Based on this information, we can identify the right dB-killer for your exhaust system and vehicle model and send you an offer.

Should you nevertheless lose a dB-killer directly after starting up the exhaust system, please proceed as follows:

Case 1) You bought the exhaust system from FECHTER DRIVE

Please use our online service request for your complaint. Please note that complaints can only be processed using this form. Our customer service will process your request immediately.

Case 2) You bought the exhaust system from one of our dealers

Please contact the dealer from whom you bought the exhaust system directly and claim the goods there. Unfortunately, in this case the complaint cannot be processed directly via FECHTER DRIVE.