Please check whether the entire exhaust system has been fitted tightly and no exhaust gases are blowing off at one point or whether the exhaust system is drawing air at one point. If the system is completely sealed and there is still a noticeable loss of power, please remove the dB-killer and test the performance development again.

If the performance is as usual, please proceed as follows:

Case 1) You bought the item from FECHTER DRIVE

Please send us the following information / files by email to

  • Copy of proof of purchase
  • Description of the problem - How does the loss of performance become noticeable?
  • 2-3 pictures of the built-in dB-killer (please document the problem with meaningful picture material. Total size: max. 20MB)

As soon as we have all the information, we will check the problem and give you prompt feedback.

Case 2) You bought the item from one of our dealers

Please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product directly and send them the information / files mentioned in case 1). Unfortunately, we cannot deal with your request directly in this case.