Case 1) Your exhaust system is "subjectively" too loud

Extra quiet dB-killers are available for most exhaust systems. If you would like to request a quiet dB-killer, please send us the following information / files as an e-mail to

  • Image of the exhaust system and the rear silencer outlet (total size: max.20MB)
  • Exact inner diameter of the rear silencer outlet (corresponds to the point at which the dB-killer head is screwed on)
  • Your billing and delivery address
  • Payment method: PayPal or prepayment (bank transfer)

Based on this information, we can identify the suitable quiet dB-killer for your exhaust system and vehicle model and send you an offer.

Case 2: According to an official measuring protocol, your exhaust system is too loud

1. Have the tolerances been taken into account and have these requirements been met during the measuring?

You have a legal tolerance of +5 dB (A) on the registered stationary noise. Please check in advance whether the legal tolerance has been taken into account and whether the following requirements were met when measuring your exhaust system:

  • Microphone at a distance of 50 cm and at a 45-degree angle
  • exactly half the nominal rpm
  • well warmed up engine
  • no sound reflecting objects within a radius of 3m around the vehicle
  • level tarred underground

If these requirements are not met during the measuring, there is a high probability of an incorrect measuring result. If you have any doubts about the correctness of the measuring, you can have it verified by a second test center.

2. If all requirements have been met and the measuring appears to be correct, please proceed as follows:

Case 1) You bought the item from FECHTER DRIVE

Please send us the following information / files by email to

  • Copy of proof of purchase
  • Copy of the test report
  • Copy of the vehicle registration document
  • Outside diameter of the absorber tube
  • one or two pictures of the absorber (s) in the dismantled state (total size: max.20MB)

As soon as we have all the information, we will check the problem and give you prompt feedback.

Case 2) You bought the item from one of our dealers

Please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product directly and send them the information / files mentioned in case 1). Unfortunately, we cannot deal with your request directly in this case.