The ABE (general operating permit) is an approval document that is used for various products from our range. These are, for example, fairing parts (belly pans, rear huggers, seat covers), windshields or brake and clutch levers.

All products that require an ABE are delivered with the corresponding ABE booklet and a KBA number (fitted or embossed on the product). If your vehicle is not yet listed in the ABE, a suitable addendum to the ABE is included, which confirms the legality.

Please note that the ABE is only valid in connection with the KBA number (in the form of a sticker or an embossing). As proof of legality, you only have to carry the ABE booklet (including an addendum if necessary), an acceptance or registration with a testing facility is not necessary. Before installing the accessories, please check whether your model is listed in the ABE and whether the corresponding KBA number is attached to the product. Please take care not to destroy, remove or cover the KBA number when painting or cleaning.

Please note that not all products require an ABE. You can find out whether your product requires an ABE and is delivered with ABE accordingly in the product description in our Online shop.