All SHARK, HURRIC and FALCON exhaust systems are delivered with a valid EG-BE (Euro 3 and Euro 4). The e-mark (a combination of letters and numbers) is stamped on the rear silencer. According to EU law, these approval marks are the sole evidence of legality. Therefore, there is no need to carry a written document and no TÜV registration.

In the case of a traffic control or a TÜV appointment, the vehicle owner has fulfilled his obligation to provide evidence when he shows the approval mark. The inspecting official is then free to decrypt the approval mark and have it checked by the licensing authority.

The service card supplied by us is therefore not an ABE or EG-BE, but confirms the correctness of the e-number and the associated models. Therefore, the police and test facilities like to view it as voluntary additional information. More about the EG-BE and our Service Card