For information on the delivery time of a specific item, please see the article information in our online shop. The delivery time is displayed on the detail page of a product directly above the price. Please enter your vehicle in the quick search and select the appropriate article. Go to online shop

Case 1) Status: available

The item is available from stock. A standard delivery within Germany takes about 1-3 working days. For more information about shipping please click here.

Case 2) Status: delivery date KW

The item is currently not available from stock and is expected to be available again in the given calendar week. As a private customer, you can be notified by the function "e-mail, if available" as soon as the desired item is available from stock. As a B2B customer, you can order the item via the online B2B portal, by e-mail or fax, and by phone. An order will be generated for you.

Case 3) Status: Delivery date in progress

Currently we do not have a delivery date for this item. As soon as the delivery has been notified by the manufacturer, the expected delivery date will be displayed online as a calendar week. Of course, we endeavor to provide delivery dates for all backlogged items.